Baywater, Hyde Park and Paddington

With its stunning trees and plants, Hyde Park is ideal for strolling with your family and friends.

Boating on The Serpentine: in Hyde Park there is a fleet of rowing and pedal boats for visitors to enjoy gliding across the lake. 

For refreshments, the Serpentine Bar & Kitchen, inspired by English country living, is a retreat for both Londoners and visitors alike serving a wide variety of tasty hot meals and snacks, sandwiches, salads, cakes, puddings and drinks.

The Diana Memorial Fountain: Built from 545 pieces of Cornish granite, the design aims to reflect Diana's life with water flowing in two directions, cascading, swirling and bubbling before meeting in a calm pool at the bottom.  There are three bridges where you can cross the water and go right to the heart of the fountain.

The Lido Bar and Cafe offers stunning views of The Serpentine and has a large alfresco dining area.

Speakers' Corner: a traditional site for public speeches and debates since the 1800's when protests and demonstrations took place in Hyde Park.  Historic figures such as Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and George Orwell were known to often use the area to exercise their right to free speech.  On a Sunday morning, it is not unusual to find crowds gathering at Speakers' Corner to listen to enthusiasts expounding their views.  Anyone can turn up unannounced to speak on any subject, as long as the police consider their speeches lawful.

Wildlife: Hyde Park provides a unique habitat for a diverse variety of species of flora and fauna and positive changes in management practices have encouraged new species into the park. The creation of the meadow area gives a flavour of how Hyde Park once looked and this area has become more diverse year on year since its creation and of special delight to visitors is the sight of butterflies feeding off the native wildflowers in the meadow.

Trees, shrub beds and herbaceous plantings provide rich habitats for song birds including robins, dunnocks and tits. Look out for small groups of Long Tailed Tits that hop around from tree to tree looking for insects and nesting materials. Sadly, over feeding of aggressive feral pigeons and squirrels threatens the native song birds as they are not able to compete with these pests.

Goose Duckling: The Serpentine attracts a large number of wildfowl, many of which are winter visitors to the park. Look out for the exotic looking great crested grebes and their spectacular mating rituals. The lake also attracts a large number of insects that provides a perfect feeding ground for bats. The best place to view bats is on Dell bridge around dusk and also close to Serpentine Bridge.

Much of the wildlife in the park goes unnoticed by the majority of visitors. This includes a large number of 'minibeasts' such as beetles, bees and ground foraging insects. These insects are a vital component of the park ecosystem and the creation and protection of their habitats is very important for the overall health of the park.

Look out for other exotic and unusual visitors to Hyde Park. Recent sightings have included a black swan, a buzzard and egyptian geese.

Sports:   The Hyde Park Tennis and Sports Centre is located at the western end of the Sports Field at the junction between West Carriage Drive and South Carriage Drive.  There are 6 high quality tennis courts, a well-maintained 6 rink lawn bowling green and a 9 hole putting green, a cafe and changing facilities.

Tennis: There are 6 high-quality tennis facilities, accredited by the Lawn Tennis Association, at the Hyde Park Tennis and Sports Centre. People are encouraged to turn up and play while for regular players, a range of membership options are available. Coaching courses are run for children and for adults. Tournaments are organised and teams can also play in local tennis leagues.

Lawn Bowls: The Hyde Park Tennis and Sports Centre has a well-maintained 6 rink flat green bowling green. The bowling green (or an individual rink) is available from May-October (weather dependent) to individuals, families, groups of friends or established clubs to hire on request and can be pre-booked.  Bowls of all sizes are available for hire.

Putting Green: The Centre also has a challenging and well maintained 9 hole putting course, popular with both groups and families.