Your and your children - all under one "roof"


All our apartments have kitchens with refridgerators and cookers. Many have coffee machines.  So when you get up in the morning you can make your own breakfast you can enjoy your own coffee in the privacy of your own home.    No need to exchange "good mornings" with strangers.    If you are travelling with young children this is brilliant - no need to keep your eyes on naughty kids (yours and other people's) - to make sure that they are behaving themselves.    This is a really low stress option for families.  

And don't forget the calories!    Research has shown that guests serving themselves from a hotel buffet are 10 times more likely to overdose on fatty foods - simply because it's there. Many of our residences offer welcome packs which include basic breakfast ingredients and we find that supermarkets such as Tescos and Waitress are usually happy to deliver to our residences.

Many of our guests bring their children to London at half term when the big London museums such as the V & A, Science Museum and Natural History Museum have an amazing array of exhibitions, films and hands on displays all geared to the younger visitor during the school holidays and weekends.

When your children are exhausted and you feel in need of a break, you can go back to your apartment, put your feet up and relax. You can order a takeaway.    All our residences have at least one flatscreen TV, many have several.    With an abundance of channels, Sky, Freeview etc. there is masses for your children to watch. Just park them in front of the TV while you get out a glass of wine and put your feet up.

It's great to know that you and your kids are all under the same roof.  How often have you checked in to a hotel only to find that your kids have been allocated a room along the corridor?  Next door is bad enough!!!  For parents to enjoy a relaxing stay, they need to know that their babies and children are totally secure. That peace of mind is guaranteed when you book a serviced apartment with it's own front door where you and your family will all be safe and sound together so you can chill!

When it's time for them to go to bed, our bedrooms are well equipped, especially for children.    We offer combinations of twin beds and cots so your children and babies can be comfortably accommodated in style so that both they - and YOU - get a good night's sleep.

That is not to say you won't enjoy going out for dinner.    As London is one of the world's most vibrant capitals when it comes to wining, dining and entertainment you will be spoilt for choice when you select a restaurant in London's buzzing hub.  

When you are travelling with children, serviced apartments are a cost efficient option and will probably cost you a lot less than two equivalent hotel rooms and you will save money but not having to dine constantly in restaurants.





At Go London we care.....

We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience of the London travel scene and holiday rental market and, for this reason, we believe we are the best team to help you find the property that is ideal for you! As parents ourselves, we know what makes for a stress-free holiday with kids!  You share - we care.....  We're here to help you.  Call us now on +44 208 421 5411.