Magic Lantern Festival


This year's special theme allows you to trace the ancient Silk Road through Europe, Egypt, Persia, India and China.  Along the way, you will meet illuminated sphinx and camels, as well as a magnificent lantern version of the Colosseum and a life-size replica of the ship used by the Chinese Admiral Zheng on his travel explorations.  Also on view this year is a giant, luminous sculpture of the Houses of Parliament.  You will be able to taste exotic delicacies at the lovely street food market.  There is also a 600m2 ice rink where you can put your skates on and glide around on ice.  You can also try out virtual reality headsets and challenge yourself with traditional Chinese bamboo-lantern riddles. We offer some great accommodation nearby for weekend breaks.....

Where: Chiswick , Location
When: Saturday 19th January 2019 12:00 AM - Tuesday 26th February 2019 12:00 AM