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At Go London we're pet friendly

Are you a pet lover? Do you like to come to London and are always miffed about escalating kennel expenses. We can help there too. Many of our residences accept well behaved dogs and some will even pamper your pooch and take him for a regular walk while you’re in the capital.   In the most luxury residences, dog beds are provided, as well as treats and if you come to London at Christmas your dog will be sure to enjoy receiving his own personal Christmas stocking!

Luxury services.   At Go London we want our guests to be truly pampered and if you are looking for ultimate luxury your have come to the right place!   Many of our larger residences have health and beauty spas, some even with swimming pools where you can relax after a long, tiring day in London.

There is no need to make your own bed when you rent a serviced apartment!   Depending on the rating of the residence you choose, you can have weekly or daily service or something in between. Some of our properties even offer an evening turn down service to prepare your bed for the night.

Make London a special treat for the whole family!

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At Go London we care.....

Everyone comes to London for a reason. What's yours?

We pride ourselves on our vast knowledge and experience of the London travel scene and estate agency market and, for this reason, we believe we are the best team to help you find the property that is perfect for you! For some people pets are an acquired taste – by booking through Go London you can be sure that you are staying in a pet-friendly environment where you and your animal will be welcome. You share – we care – about you and your four legged friends! ….. Call us today on 07745 533462.

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